It’s a fact proven by time: only good materials are found in a ZERO2 sofa. From the massive pine woods, which form the solid structure, to the more advanced foams and countless possibilities of fabric and leather coverings, a ZERO2 is a strong and resistant piece, made entirely with noble materials. To which is added the know-how of a completely hand-made production. Several manufacturing techniques and details were developed and refined for years to increase our sofa’s end quality. A ZERO2 combines a relevant idea with high quality raw materials, innovative techniques of manual construction and an obsessive attention to detail. That’s why every ZERO2 comes with a five-year warranty.

Every ZERO2 piece has a basic predetermined size, which can be adjusted to the client’s wishes or the space available in the project. There’s always a simple and flexible way of adapting a ZERO2 to every occasion. Another detail is the brand’s modularity, which is much more than purely visual. In pratical terms, our big or small sofas are always built in parts and assembled at the final destination. That means an easier transportation, it secures a greater steadiness of the set and allows the possibility of increasing the sofa in the future, since we have more materials and structures available to apply later on at the same location. The client may also customize his ZERO by choosing his own fabric. There are more details to be mentioned, but those are our manufacturing secrets, refined by the time and wisdom of manual work.