RAW MATERIALS AND PRODUCTION/ It’s a fact proven by time: only good materials are found in a ZERO2 sofa. From the massive pine woods, which form the solid structure, to the more advanced foams and countless possibilities of fabric and … Continue reading


These giant metallic structures leave a mark on the landscape and remind us of the long path electricity takes to reach us. Tension brings this reality inside. The Low and High Tension lamps symbolize the immediate use of energy, which … Continue reading


A luxurious palette or a modest table? Everyone sees what they want to see, but the Palette will always and foremost be a creative exercise. It crosses the unexpected with the provocative, in a singular way, while creating an object … Continue reading


A simple piece with a split personality. With lines refined to its essence, it changes from giant puff to deck-chair in just one movement.  To change back, just undo.


A Rapigattoli is manufactured using birch plywood pieces, through a digital process operated by numerically controlled cutting machines. The chair’s structure changes the definition of the surrounding space; a new type of transparency is constantly created, while the perception of … Continue reading


An armchair of clean and refined lines, with a functional and low profile design. Two arms built from solid oak and a central body, with the brand’s comfort warranty, are the key ingredients of this elegant piece.

Open Light

This elegant mini-armchair, which is inspired by the original Open, takes on a more slender shape. The interior seat measures remain the same, while the exterior ones are reduced in order to gain more surrounding space.


An armchair of straight and timeless lines made from assembled volumes that creates an unique idea; in the original version, a puff is fitted on the seat, forming a tightlly enclosed Open, which becomes a big sofa stool or side … Continue reading


  A modular sofa that raises the comfort level to the max without losing its elegance. With a sober and timeless design, it stands for good taste and well being. COMMON SETTINGS


  Amodular sofa with discreet but attractive lines. The layered pillows give it a distinct character and offer a high level of comfort. COMMON SETTINGS


  A modular and panoramic sofa of curved lines that come in a circular or semicircular shape. It’s an original idea from any point of view. It combines design and innovative materials for extra comfort. COMMON SETTINGS


  A multi-modular sofa that takes organic shapes and grows according to the space available and to suit anyone’s taste. Four base pieces are the starting point to create original alignments. It’s produced with innovative building techniques that guarantee a … Continue reading

Eduardo Benamor Duarte

Eduardo Benamor Duarte (b.1975). Architect and owner of the studio Benamor Duarte Architecture, based in New York City and Lisbon. Eduardo Benamor Duarte holds a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University, and a Bachelor of Architecture … Continue reading


  A modular sofa of symmetric and streamlined lines, highly accurate. Its flexibility allows it to unfold easily into more customized shapes. COMMON SETTINGS


  A modular sofa of simple lines, with generous arms and back for extra security. A strong but quiet presence that creates harmony with the whole surrounding space. COMMON SETTINGS

da Silva

Pós-graduado em design de produto pela Glasgow School of Art (1998) e licenciado em design industrial pelo IADE (1997). Colaborou em Lisboa com os ateliers Almadesign, ModusDesign e em Milão com o designer Isao Hosoe. Tem colaborado com o Centro … Continue reading


Nasceu em Lisboa em 1972. Cursou design industrial (IADE 1994) mas é na publicidade que a sua vida profissional ganha forma. Durante 12 anos trabalha como criativo/director de arte e director criativo em várias agências de publicidade. O seu trabalho … Continue reading


  A capittonné sofa with elegant geometric lines and a high quality finishing. A reinterpretation of the classic chesterfield, with the brand’s keen eye for detail, that resulted in a well-sculpted but very comfortable piece. COMMON SETTINGS


Rita João (Lisboa, 1978) e Pedro Ferreira (Lisboa, 1978) licenciaram-se em Arquitectura do Design na Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. Foram alunos Erasmus, respectivamente, na Tu Delft e no Politécnico de Milão. Em 2002 iniciam a sua … Continue reading