The ZERO2 was created by someone who believed that a cube could turn into a sofa, that a puff could come out of a sofa, that a sofa could be sculpted from a single piece of foam and that they all could be hand-made. This challenging spirit was at the genesis of Open. And started a new way of thinking and materializing, more innovative and relevant, that became the inspiration to the creative design of the brand.

The ZERO2 brand produces exclusively in Portugal and rejects any mass production. The combination between perfected manual craftsmanship and new technologies, such as soy based foams and thermo-sensitive foams, results in creating exceptional pieces with remarkable durability (It is very likely that the life expectancy of a ZERO2 will exceed the person who acquired it).

The creators behind ZERO2 are Portuguese, but based around the world. New York, London, Lisbon, São Paulo and Berlin. Their international experiences make us believe even more in the brand: “Well made in Portugal”. They all share an obsession for new and relevant ideas, with unique details and materials.

Each piece created by ZERO2 is manufactured with the client’s or project’s specific needs in mind. With its exclusive sizes and configurations, it transforms the tiniest wishes into unique pieces. A ZERO2 is a solid challenge, a comfortable provocation.